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Massage Therapy for Back Pain

Massage therapy involves manipulations of the muscles and other soft tissues.

Back pain and neck pain are the most common reasons people seek treatment from a massage therapist.

Massage therapy relieves back pain by undoing painful muscle spasms, increasing blood flow to the muscles to nourish cells and speed tissue repair, increasing circulation of lymphatic system to flush out waste products that have built up in tissues and reduce inflammation, softening and breaking up scar tissue and adhesions (many old back injuries leave scar tissue that can contract and cause back pain).

Massage therapy also induces relaxation, lowers blood pressure levels, lowers stress hormone levels, and reduces anxiety and depression and pain perception. This makes massage therapy a good choice of treatment for chronic back pain, breaking the vicious cycle of pain producing tension and tension producing or intensifying pain.

There are different methods of massage therapy. Deep tissue massage therapy uses great pressure while kneading and manipulating the deeper muscles and tendons. It is good for treating back pain caused by muscle spasms or chronic muscular tension.

The pain relief provided by massage therapy from loosening of muscles is augmented by the benefits of contact with the skin, which seems to have a great influence on mood and pain perception.

Massage therapy isn't good for every condition that causes back pain, but a professional massage therapist is trained to recognize whether massage therapy is or isn't appropriate. Get a proper diagnosis from a qualified physician before getting any type of treatment for back pain.